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Jan 15,2023

Alpha Leeds Business Directory Package

The most basic listing within this Business Directory For Leeds portal allows companies to benefit from the exposure given by the traffic coming into this website through the ongoing search engine marketing work that we here at Capid Houser [which is a Digital Marketing Agency based in the UK] conducts on a daily basis. This is in line with the search engine marketing strategies that are executed for clients as we act as their business development arm on the internet in order to broaden the scope of their organisation through content based marketing [i.e after they have worked with a website design and development agency to establish their presence on the internet] that is designed to rank website pages as well as increase the reach within the social media sphere - in effect we take a core component of our corporate level digital marketing makeover programme and utilise it on this very website and any business that is listed then benefits from the increased amounts of traffic coming in.

From your listing the ability to add the main company website will allow potential customers to click through visit and learn more about the organisation along with the main brand along with its core products and services. In addition to the main business URL, the facility to add in hours of operaiton as well as all of the main social media marketing channels is provided - again this allows for the boosting and overall expansion of the company's overall digital marketing presence.

With the ever increasing amount of competition within any given market place, it has become necessary for companies to do all that they can to gain a competitive advantage, being listed in this UK wide business directory in a specific business category is like being in the physical shopping area where people go to purchase specific goods and/or services only in this case it implemented virtually.